PrepYou offers resilience training for the modern business
Members of the General Public turn into First Responders on Westminster Bridge, London during a terror attack.

As the world becomes a more dangerous place on multiple levels, employers have started to realise that they need to empower their employees with new skills that only a couple of years ago would have been considered totally inappropriate.

Recent terror attacks and mass casualty situations as a result of disaster have seen a type of hero emerge; the General Public.

Not only are most Western European countries now aware of this but their governments are actively publicising “self-help” apps such as Citizen Aid (UK) in an effort to encourage citizens to become first responders in such situations. This has been seen in almost every attack in recent years from Paris to more recently Westminster and London Bridge attacks.

However, little benefit is gained by scaring your staff and colleagues so they can no longer live their normal lives.

With our teams of British and Bulgarian ex-military instructors, we are able to take you and your team through a 1-3 day bespoke course to gain the experience and confidence your staff needs today. We package the training to fit your team and can make it as fun or as serious as you wish.

For example, some companies do not want to talk about “terrorist attacks” but we are still able to deliver valuable training around other scenarios that include Zombie Infection, Bank Heist & Seige to alien invasions!

Many businesses have also realised “Extreme Team Building” that empowers their staff is also a great way to recruit and retain certain demographics. For example, one major software developer in Sofia has already identified that 87% of its work for regularly plays FPS (First Person Shooter) video games; we now run sessions once every three months for their best-performing employees.

Regardless of the training scenarios, these skills can include:

  • Mass-casualty first aid care – For use in scenarios that range from terrorist attacks, natural disasters to serious traffic accident
  • Conflict management – How to talk your way out of a bad situation
  • Communication in times of crisis
  • Non-lethal weapons – Gas, TASER, MACE and other technologies
  • Live firing of over 48 weapon systems – Including those most likely to be used in a terrorist attack in your home location (e.g. AK47 and Makarov pistols in Bulgaria)
  • Armed & unarmed combat – Teaches the students how to defend themselves against armed and unarmed attackers in such scenarios as football crowds, etc
  • Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Sales/Project Team HEAT – For team leaders and salespeople working in potentially hostile environments
  • Resilience Training – Teams & People

Almost every business is different and their employees have different goals. It is always best to get in touch and give us a specific brief so we can get back to you with a totally bespoke offer.

A Demonstration of “Real Teamwork”!

This video shows to brothers (with zero experience before they joined our training course) completing advanced live fire drills where they are advancing to a target whilst giving each other live fire support; this is Pairs Fire & Manoeuvre.