PrepYou.EU has worked to introduce many Training Providers (TPs) to Bulgaria, and as you would expect, after

Horizon Chief Instructor  at work on the CQC Range

running several successful courses most of our partners look for other ways to develop their business around Bulgaria as a training location. One prime example of this, is the recent delivery of the first Horizon CQC (Close Quater Contact) Course, at one of our training locations in July 2017.

The course is delivered by the Horizon Chief Instructor – whose reputation needs no fanfare, to understand that this course is not for the novice. Nearly two decades of Government service for the United Kingdom allowed him to hone his skills in multiple hostile locations which in turn allows him to pass on his unique skill set for operations in confined or crowded places, including motor vehicles. This is NOT a classroom based course and the five-day duration is spent exclusively on the firing point.