Once you have visited Bulgaria (probably on our Two Day PMC Recce) you will see that there are many obvious opportunities available to help your business develop in other ways, apart from just an increase in your training offerings and locations. Staff at PrepYou have been involved in business development in The Balkans for nearly 15 years and have worked with many of the countries biggest companies, brands as well as many of the Central Governments agencies.

There are many reasons why Bulgaria is so attractive to incoming businesses (apart from the sunshine and low price of beer):

  • Ease of access – Bulgaria has four main airports with all – especially Sofia – being well serviced by almost every low cost and charter operator. Sofia alone is becoming a hub for the majority of the low-cost carriers from Western Europe but most don’t know you can get a daily, direct flight from Sofia to Dubai (Wizz Air) for around €100 return.
  • Ease of deployment – As stated above, Dubai is only €100 away from Sofia and both the coastal city of Varna and Sofia have regular flights to Istanbul to allow R&R before deployment and after weapon competency certificates are gained.
  • Low tax for companies – Bulgaria benefits from a flat rate of 10% corporation tax. This is probably more favourable than your home country and is considered a significant factor in most decisions to move or form a company in the Bulgaria.
  • EU & NATO – Bulgaria is an EU and NATO member. Apart from having a base of operations in Bulgaria may head off any fall out from the upcoming Brexit, having a company in an EU member state will help cash flow when working with other EU based companies as payments do not require the addition of local VAT.
  • Low-cost real-estate – Land is cheap in Bulgaria and there is plenty of it in attractive places. PrepYou.EU is already engaged with several foreign companies intending to build training centres in country.
  • Low-cost staff – There is a reason why so many PMCs are looking to fill contracts with Eastern European contractors; they are cheaper to employee. The same goes for the rest of the highly educated population which has one of the highest proportions of graduates of any EU country.