Last Friday (19 October), the final phase of the tactical training exercise Strike Back 2018 at the Field Training Ground “Koren” was held. The demonstrations, performed by the participants of the Bulgaria’s Land Forces, on the last day of the combat shooting drill, were attended and watched by high-ranking guests, including Deputy Minister of Defence Anatoliy Velichkov, learned

After watching the performed tasks, Anatoliy Velichkov, said that he was impressed and pleased with the capabilities of all servicemen in the exercise, the professional conduct, as well as with the good interaction of the units of the reinforced mechanized battalion.

Strike Back 2018, which purpose was the cooperation of the units, participating in defensive operations, to be enhanced, was conducted with the participation of servicemen, of the 42nd Mechanized Infantry Battalion, Yambol.

Source: Bulgaria’s Deputy Defence Minister Attended “Strike Back 2018” – – Sofia News Agency

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