The President’s secretary on legal affairs and anti-corruption Plamen Uzunov is investigated for trading in influence. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, on December 28, 2018, he sent a court decision, which had not yet been signed by the judges of the Supreme Administrative Court to the businessman Plamen Bobokov, recently charged in relation to illegal importing and processing of waste.

The court decision concerns the release of the BADR ship, which was detained at Bulgarian port of Bourgas. Bobokov received this decision a week before it was signed by the judges and promulgated. He received it as a draft but with assurances by President’s secretary Uzunov that this would be the final decision.

In searches of the home of businessman Plamen Bobokov, the authorities found mobile phone and tablet. Analysis of the information on them found chats between Bobokov and the President’s secretary on legal affairs and fight against corruption. From this exchange of message it became clear that a week before it is made public, the decision for the release of BADR tanker, Uzunov sent a draft to Bobokov with the clarification that this would be the final text of the decision.

Answering a BNT question on why Bobokov was interested in the tanker, he replied that he did not have memories and added that Plamen Uzunov and him are just friends and nothing else.

According to the Prosecutor’s office, there is an exchange of messages between Uzunov and Bobokov, in which the businessman asks his friend for deletion of criminal registration of a Libyan national who was an employee from Bobokov’s company and who was sentenced for murder in Bulgaria.

In Bobokov’s phone, the investigation found correspondence between the businessman and a prosecutor from the District Prosecutor’s office from the city of Rousse, Nikolai Nikolov. In this exchange of messages, the prosecutor from Rousse asks Bobokov to lobby in the competition for election of district prosecutor. The businessman promises that through a friend of his, he will influence members of the Supreme Judicial Council, the prosecution says.

Source: Bulgarian President’s Secretary Plamen Uzunov Is Investigated For Trading In Influence – – Sofia News Agency


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