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PrepYou.Eu works with over twenty international training providers at multiple training locations across Bulgaria that include 360 degree live fire ranges, underground indoor ranges and outdoor ranges up to 2KM. With access to over 50 different weapon systems and such diverse training facilities - which include Nu Boyana Film Studios in Sofia - there really is no competitor in Europe who can match us on service or price.

For PMC/PSC Training Providers

Bulgaria is one of the few places in Europe where we can offer such comprehensive and realistic training for the private security sector. SIA (III) Close Protection, MIRA and FPOS I are all available in Bulgaria.

For Business

The world of business has recently realised that the world has changed and their employees need to be empowered to deal with threats from terror attack to road traffic accident effectively.

For Civilian Individuals & Groups

We are used to training individuals, groups of ladies, airsoft enthusiasts and even actors at our range of training locations across Bulgaria. From basic weapon skills, live firing & traumatic first aid training in a number of unique locations!

About PrepYou.Eu

PrepYou.Eu is a British owned brand with training location in Sofia, Plovdiv, Pazardzhik & Bansko. We exclusively employee Ex-Military & Law Enforcement personnel from most NATO countries with emphasis on British & Bulgarian instructors. We are your one-stop shop for all military & medical training for both civilians, corporates and international Private Security Contractors (PSCs),  in Bulgaria and the Balkans.

What our students say...

With a 98.5% Satisfaction Score (Based on PrepYou.Eu 2019 surveys) after coming to spend some time with us in in Bulgaria, our clients & students are our best advertising.
Roxana Cobala

Roxana Cobala


Safety above all! once you learn the golden rules: "keep your finger off the trigger, unless you're about to shoot" and "guns are not toys" then it's all about conscious fun. Yes, you're here to have fun , but mostly you're here to learn...


Василева Надя


The Instructor is a true professional. I had the pleasure of being part of corporate shooting training led by him. Me and my colleague, we had a demonstration related to the safety of the weapon...




Me and two friends came to Bulgaria mainly for this shooting experience. The expectations were high but got more than fulfilled! Simon is a great guy, helpful, humorous and a true professional! Thanks to him and his wonderful dog Lola, we...

Featured Training Courses

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4 Day Infantry Training for Civilians (Battle Camp)

Infantry Training for Civilians (Battle Camp) is a four-day/20 Module Military Skills Course for civilians focusing on core infantry (fighting) skills and delivered by ex-military instructors experienced in asymmetric warfare. This is not a “shooting experience course” and cannot be considered “pre-deployment” training for any conflict unless the student has prior military experience with their own …

Armed & Unarmed Combat – In conjunction with Wing Tsung WMAA Bulgaria

In conjunction with Wing Tsung WMAA Bulgaria, PrepYou.Eu is proud to host a series of close quarter armed and unarmed combat training sessions at our secure training facility in Boyana, Sofia.

We have chosen to work with Wing Tsung WMAA Bulgaria as they share the same ethos of “honest, practical training without the …

2 Day Civil Defence Training

Civil Defence Training is a two or four-day basic Military Skills Course delivered over one or two weekends. The course is designed by ex-military instructors for civilians to rapidly gain the key skill-sets we hope they never need to use. 

This training package is …

Tactical Actor Training

As a result of this massive failure of protocol on the set of “Rust”, we have re-designed our original Actors Training Package to not only address the issue of making sure all actors are suitably trained to use all types of firearm from airsoft, blank and live firing weapon systems as well as all the handover and safety protocols which …

Tactical Shotgun Training

In conjunction with Varro International, we have designed an introductory training course to Tactical Shotguns which is designed to allow students to explore the many [modern] tactical applications for the use of semi-automatic, magazine-fed, and pump-action guns. Get 50% …

PrepYou.Eu Range Safety Officer Training – COACH

We have developed our RSO (Range Safety Officer) course over the last 12 months with advice from UK Police Firearms teams to make this a very serious (and IP Protected) training course.

The COACH element consists of the six modules of the <a href="" ...

Science of Shooting – 2 Day Course

This 6 Module/2 Day Advanced Shooter training course requires discipline and high attention to detail to take your pistol shooting to the next level from Core Skills to Dynamic Stress Shooting. You will develop your tactical pistol shooting from the holster to not only be fast but highly accurate at distances up to 25m.

All students should have previously passed the …

Private Shooter Training – 2.5 Hours

Private Lessons with PrepYou.Eu offers an alternative to the regularly scheduled Group Training for students wishing to progress at their own speed or looking to gain new skills fast. Private lessons allow your PrepYou.Eu Instructor to more efficiently assess your …

Our Partners

Some of our colleagues from around the world that we work with in Bulgaria.


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Day 210 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Putin Declares Partial Mobilization and Threatens the West with Nuclear Weapons – – Sofia News Agency

Putin announced an immediate partial military mobilization Russian President Vladimir Putin surprisingly announced a partial military mobilization and threatened NATO with nuclear weapons. In addition, he announced that he supports yesterday’s apparently coordinated calls by the occupation authorities in the territories Read more…

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